Inspiring Australian’s through Christian reading

Ruth Lindsay shares the love in her heart for God and those who are hurting in their daily lives, through her own carefully written words and the Word of God. Her books provide the same hope, direction and love that Ruth seeks from God and her relationship with Him. Ruth writes in order to teach those who are hurting or have been hurt how to love and to be alive with the love of God. Join Ruth in the hope of God’s Word today. Browse her titles in the store!

Have you ever had someone whisper your name?
Does it get your attention quickly?
God whispers your name. He waits for your answer.
He is calling His daughters to rise up in answer to His whisper, to have His Word on their lips and to stand firm in their faith.
He waits for you to draw near to your One, True, and Only God who promises to be with you.
He longs to equip you and help you.
Would you answer His call, hear His whisper to your heart? 

Book written by Ruth Lindsay

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